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Similar to laparoscopic surgery, Advanced Robotic Surgery can be performed through smaller cuts than open surgery.

Advanced robotic surgery has been developed to surpass the limitations of other minimally invasive surgical techniques like standard endoscopic surgery. Smaller, more precise movements are possible with robotic surgery. The surgeon controls the surgical instruments through special controls that guide the robotic arms. This gives the surgeon better control over the instruments. Hand tremors that occur naturally are filtered out by computer software and do not get transmitted to the robotic arm. The surgeon also does not tire as much because there is no need to stand during the entire surgery. In addition, increased viewing options and three-dimensional magnification improve the comfort of the surgeon, allowing for a smoother surgical process.

Not all hospitals have access to robotic surgery. It can take longer than other surgery techniques because time is needed to place the robotic arm in the abdomen. However, once this is done, the numerous advantages of robotic surgery are evident.  Robotic surgery uses more precise, smaller incisions. There is less blood loss, less pain, faster recovery time, a shorter hospital stay and less use of pain medication.

Robotic surgery can be used to perform hysterectomies, myomectomies and lymph node biopsies, and can be used to treat numerous issues including abnormal periods, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian tumors, uterine prolapse, and certain cancers.

Dr. Ahdoot Shares About the Common Use of Robots in Hysterectomies:

“Most hospitals now have the robot available. To put it in comparison, ten years ago only a few prostatectomies were being performed using a robot. Now approximately 70-90% of prostate procedures in the country are being performed with a robot.

In a similar context, gynecology is also adopting the robot, and most major hospitals, including Saint John’s Hospital, now has the option of robotic surgery. The most important factors for robotic surgery are to make sure that the patient is the right individual for this particular procedure, and to make sure the surgeon has the right level of expertise.”


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